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Products Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia with headquarters in Vaasa in Finland.

It was the first company to introduce trilogy in Scandinavia.

Products Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia with headquarters in Vaasa in Finland.

It was the first company to introduce trilogy in Scandinavia.



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With the term Tricology in Italy it is used to rediscover the care of its own hair heritage and what in the world is called 'Hair Restoration', that is the restoration of lost hair.

Our path

Our story


It was born in 1995 in Vaasa Finland.

See photos office, warehouse and product line Vitlitys.


The vitalitys line evolves and becomes INTENSIVE line.

First our official presentation, Helsinki fair with exhibition products Vitalities and intensive with the 1st micro camera with optical fiber handle.

First exhibition of products and machines in Scandinavia (HELSINKI FIERA)



Vitalia organizes the first conference of trilogy in Finland.

Prof. Roold Noustrog: famous plastic surgeon specialist in transplants (before performing the monobulb transplant) (Results obtained with the experimentation of the T4 method) in photo 4 see Prof. Allan lassus who looks at a girl with Alopecia Totalis, who after 12 months of treatment, has recovered all her hair, another case with results obtained at our trilogy center in Helsinki




The second congress of European trilogy: Dr. Andrea Marliani, the greatest expert in trilogy of those times, Dr. Corinna Rigoni dermatologist, Dr. Alberto Caputo psychologist, and many others, spoke from Italy.


From left to right:

Jarmo Mattila resp. Sales, Dr. Sebastiano Zappalà owner of VitaliaoY Products, Ing. Gianni Manzetti owner of Farmen srl, today Pres. UNIPRO, Mrs. Hanna Albery 1st Pres S.T.Y., prof. Allan lassus professor in dermatology at the University of Helsinki (leading expert in trichology in Scandinavia), Mrs. Pircko Pappinniemi tricotheraputta and specialist in lymphotherapy, Mrs. Tuula Mantyla administrator of vitalia oY products, Dr. Caputo pscologist and professor at the University of Milan, dr. Corinna Rigoni dermatologist and specialist in Trichology, Prof: Roold Noustrom plastic surgeon specialist in hair transplants first to practice the mono-bulbar technique in Europe, dr. Giorgio Bartolomucci director of dermatology and cosmetics magazine "LA PELLE", prof. Andrea Marliani maximum expert in trichology in Europe, today Pres. SITRI society of Italian trichology.

Ms. Marina Slnelman, assistant trichologist Dr. Zappalà, and finally Ing. Paolo Parma founder Dermotricos, 1st company in Europe to design and build the first machine capable of seeing the scalp and hair in its natural location with the possibility of enlargements from 50x to 400X.

At the congress it was demonstrated that in Finland trichology was already ahead with studies and research, thanks to Vitalia and its founder Dr. Sebastiano Zappalà, it was he who understood that cleaning the skin was essential to increase the effectiveness of the method, and thus the 1st trichological peeling for deep cleansing of the skin and hair was born, called IGIENIT.

At the congress, cases of resolution of alopecia totalis were presented, in patients without hair: one totally for some years and one without hair by 70%. Thanks to the TRICODER products, the HYGIENIT to the machinery and the T4 method, results that were unexpected at the time.

The SUOMI TRICOLOGI TEAM and the Trichological Product Brand are born


Opening of the centre of Helsinki





Disclosure of trilogy products TRICORDERM and trilogy courses using T4 method

Born S.T.Y. (Suomen Tricologian Yhdistys) and first specialists trilogi trichotherapists.



Registration of the European trade mark of the TRICODERM line and birth 2nd Trichotherapists Group



Third group of trichotherapists always with the use of the T4 method



After 10 years of applications using the T4 method, with positive results in 95%, Dr. Zappalà created the first trilogy protocols, which are now being disseminated in many European countries.


Fair of Malmo (Sweden) presentation line tricoderm with T4 method to the public Swedish, Norwegian and Danish





Opening of the trichoderm centre in Spain and presentation of the trichoderm products using the T4 method.

Our path

Products Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia based in Vaasa, Finland. It was the first company to introduce trilogy in Scandinavia with Tricosmetic products and machines, using the method T4 (Tricosmetic 4 phases).

Tricosmetic is born from the study of Tricology in combination with the tricosmetic product TRICODERM.

Tricology: it is a very ancient scientific material dating back to 400 BC with Hippocrates, still considered the father of modern medicine.The word Tricology is born from the ancient Greek where Trico stands for hair and Logia is for study.Dr. Sebastiano Zappalà biotechnologist engineer in 1995 began to spread Tricology in Scandinavia, founding S.T.Y. (Suomen Tricologian Yhdisty.) (Association of Finnish trilogy), of which he is honorary president.

Dr. Sebastiano Zappalà, a biotechnologist engineer in 1995, began to spread Tricology in Scandinavia, founding S.T.Y. (Suomen Tricologian Yhdistys r.y.) (Finnish tricology association), of which he is honorary president.

Tricosmetics with T4 method was initially taught in Finland in hairdressers and beauty schools, later in Estonia and Sweden.




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